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CONCA's New Book Released

CONCA’s New Book Released

The long, hard, continuously revised and edited work that went into crafting the Coalition of New Chican@ Artists’ (CONCA) collaborative book has finally paid off in a big way. The book is titled “Nuevas Voces Poeticas: A Dialogue About New Chican@ Identities.” This book reflects the findings and results of CONCA’s extensive work throughout the entire border from the tip of South Texas all the way out west to Los Angeles, California.

We went on speaking events, round table discussions, poetry readings, conversations, interviews, presentations. At every one of these gatherings we found that people had a very vibrant and dynamic view and interest in all things Chican@ (Chicana/Chicano).

We set out with a few questions posed to audiences because we presented ourselves not as the single voices out there speaking of the new Chican@ reality, but just as a few of those voices. We recognized that there are many different, valid, unheard voices that should be allowed to speak. With this book we attempt to bring out those voices that perhaps in the past have been overlooked.

Identity is not a simple concept to grapple with, especially when the roots of our current common condition are so varied. Therefore, in an effort to elaborate something so complex we decided to start at the beginning of all puzzles: looking at the first pieces to see where they may fall by asking the most simple of questions and letting the audiences help us arrive at a view of what this puzzle could shape out to look like.

We did not define Chican@. We simply seek to reengage in the exploration of its current and future state of being.

To get your copy of this book please follow the link below. And please help us spread the word by sharing this post.

Thank you,

Gabriel H. Sanchez,

CONCA Director of Public Relations

CONCA Members: Isaac Chavarria, Rossy Evelyn Lima, Christopher Carmona, Gabriel H. Sanchez

Nuevas Voces Poeticas: A Dialogue About New Chican@ Identities


Was Cesar Chavez reflecting “white supremacists” attitudes when he called undocumented Mexicans “wetbacks”?

First you will need to get familiar with the Chavez interview.

An individual by the name of Pakal Hatuey makes the argument on Youtube that Chavez was reinforcing “white supremacists'” views.

Is it possible that people, including Mr. Hatuey, are not seeing the greater picture? I know that some Mexican immigrants who came seeking work with the intention of returning home (braceros) described themselves as “mojados”. Maybe not all. But some. My own grandfather did this. The English language equivalent of “wetback” has more of a negative connotation, understandably. But “mojado” is, or was, a widely used term, however erroneous or detrimental to the Chicano/Migrant Farmworker movement. And it was used by Spanish speaking people on both sides of the border. Perhaps Chavez was channeling this attitude and not the “white supremacist’s” attitude?

Check out this song by Los Tigres del Norte titled “El Mojado Acaudalado“. It states the term “mojado” as a self-describing term. Not a term imposed by others.

I wouldn’t use the terms on anyone. But perhaps that is because of my training in Rehabilitation Counseling, where we were made aware that people aren’t the disability, rather they HAVE a disability. Therefore, the correct way to refer to them is on a person-first basis. In other words, it’s a “person with a disability” not a “disabled person.”

So, too, I would say “Mexican undocumented worker” rather than “wetback” or “mojado”.

Does Chavez deserve a bad rep. for this instance of apparent insensitivity? Or is this a non-issue?