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The Coalition of New Chican@ Artists visited the Donna High School to lead their “Young Hearts, Brave Voices Poetry Workshop” for an entire day on Monday, April 27. The students all poured their minds and everything in them into crafting out authentic pieces of literature that simply astounded us. These young minds will grow to be great creators of poetry and art. We look forward to keep working with public schools. It is always a pleasurable experience seeing fresh perspectives take shape.

Gabriel H. Sanchez

Below are some images of the sessions. Photography by Isaac Chavarria and Gabriel H. Sanchez


Chicanos in Exile

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(From The Raving Press’ blog “Cross Sections”)

The word “exile” is shown in a google search as the state of being barred from one’s country for political or punitive reasons. I was intrigued by this phrase:”…barred from one’s country…”. The argument can be made that one of the causes of the formation of the Chicano consciousness is the fact that Mexican/Americans and other Latin Americans as well have for a long time in the history of this country been marginalized people who have to deal with the realities of an undefined identity because of incarcerations, deportations, and even persecution at times. There are also the issues of racism and discrimination which are well documented in our history that constitute a very real sense of having for a long time been “barred from one’s country” in terms of having access to full participation culturally, politically, and socially. The only difference with a traditional understanding of the term is that a person in exile is typically seen as one who is also barred physically from their country of origin… (Visit site for full article.)

The Chicano (or Latino or Hispanic) Renaissance taking place in the Rio Grande Valley is no illusion. The concept is not of my authorship. I have heard several prominent, important people involved in the arts and literary circles refer to what is happening here as the “Chicano Renaissance”. Don’t let the word “Chicano” turn you off. As part of the Coalition of New Chicano Artists (CONCA) my colleagues and I attempt to broaden the parameters of this term to include any and all who come from a similar background of indigenous American ancestry and European influence.

What makes up the Chicano Renaissance is a very palpable surge of creativity and venues for artistic expression throughout the Rio Grande Valley…

Follow this link to read the rest of this article: The Raving Press

Book Fest in the News

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In the paper

The Raving Press, an independent entity, will be publishing

Lost: Children of the River

This is a chapbook anthology about the humanitarian crisis of children crossing the border alone and arriving in the Rio Grande Valley. More people need to hear about this. Art is a great medium to tell this story.

Funds will cover production, materials, work hours and distribution costs. The chapbook anthology will be free for the public. The amount of copies will depend on funds available.

We seek:

Poets – Submit up to two pieces of no more than 42 lines per poem for consideration on this topic only.

Prose writers – Anyone covering this topic in one essay of no more than 400 words. Opinion or research based pieces are eligible.

Interviews – Anyone writing a piece based on an interview with a child immigrant, or any person involved in this current situation on the border. It can be someone involved in the relief effort; specifically, someone with insight into the matter.

Photographers – Submit up to three photos of children refugees, relief workers, the Rio Grande river; locations around the Valley: international bridges, key buildings, highways, citizenry en masse or individuals up close.

Space will be limited, so only a select few will be chosen. Spanish and spanglish submissions are also welcome.

Submission deadline: September 30

Send entries for consideration to

Call Gabriel H. Sanchez for more information at (956) 328-3267

Visit our FUNDING page.

Sin Fronteras Independent Book Festival

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CONCA Will be Hosting our First Book Festival!

Saturday, October 4, 2014

In collaboration with the city of San Benito, the Narcisso Center, UT-Brownsville, UTPA M.A.S., and the Valley Writers Forum

Register your publishing company,

book store or other publishing organization now for space at this important event.

First table will be provided free of charge.

Additional tables available at $50.00 each.

Click on the link below to register today!

Get me a FREE table!