“Lost: Children of the River” An Anthology Treating the Topic of the Children Refugee Crisis

Posted: September 7, 2014 by conca1 in Uncategorized

The Raving Press, an independent entity, will be publishing

Lost: Children of the River

This is a chapbook anthology about the humanitarian crisis of children crossing the border alone and arriving in the Rio Grande Valley. More people need to hear about this. Art is a great medium to tell this story.

Funds will cover production, materials, work hours and distribution costs. The chapbook anthology will be free for the public. The amount of copies will depend on funds available.

We seek:

Poets – Submit up to two pieces of no more than 42 lines per poem for consideration on this topic only.

Prose writers – Anyone covering this topic in one essay of no more than 400 words. Opinion or research based pieces are eligible.

Interviews – Anyone writing a piece based on an interview with a child immigrant, or any person involved in this current situation on the border. It can be someone involved in the relief effort; specifically, someone with insight into the matter.

Photographers – Submit up to three photos of children refugees, relief workers, the Rio Grande river; locations around the Valley: international bridges, key buildings, highways, citizenry en masse or individuals up close.

Space will be limited, so only a select few will be chosen. Spanish and spanglish submissions are also welcome.

Submission deadline: September 30

Send entries for consideration to theravingpress@gmail.com

Call Gabriel H. Sanchez for more information at (956) 328-3267

Visit our FUNDING page.


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