Nuev@ Voces at NACCS National

Posted: April 8, 2013 by conca1 in Uncategorized



Pictured here are members of Nuev@s Voces panel along with an audience member at far right. It was a great experience to receive feedback from audience members as well as their suggestions for possible research.  Some of the difficulties we faced relates to the amount of time we have for the panel. At roughly one hour and 30 minutes it is difficult to review approximately 60 years of Chican@ poetics and also include a detailed description of the last 13 years of new voices emerging within the Chican@ space.

Our presentation focused on the following questions:

  1. Where is the Chican@ movement now?
  2. How did the concept of Nuev@ Chican@ poetics begin?
  3. Who is the Nuev@ Chican@?
  4.  Where is the Nuev@ Chican@ poetics headed

We are working on developing our answers. One of our ideals is that the group  is part of Nuev@ Chican@ poetics, just as many others are; we are not the sole members of this movement.




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